Things I made

  • Gran Premio Dolomiti

    This brand new classic car racing event aims to excel in every aspect: amazing routes, authentic food and unique locations.

    What I did

    • Branding
    • Complete Design
    • Complete Development
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  • Awesomeness

    Sharing is caring. At intuio we wanted to share what we've been building and using over the last couple of years.

    What I did

    • Interaction & Web Design
    • Development of website
    • Development of framework
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  • GuideSlide

    Giving you the possibility to create stunning dia shows paired with an audio track, GuideSlide is an innovative concept.

    What I did

    • UI Design
    • Front-End Development
    • Back-End Development
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Clients I made happy

These are some of the companies I've worked with during my employment at intuio User Experience Consulting. Sadly, projects were usually started off by signing a NDA so I am not allowed to talk about project details deliberately. Anyway, what I am allowed to tell you, is with whom I worked and which challenges and assignments I had to solve.

Working with A1 Telekom Austria

With A1 Telekom Austria as client I've been involved in and successfully executed about ten different projects, large and small. During these projects I designed and prototyped rich applications, web applications, as well as smartphone and tablet apps. There were quite a lot of different assignments, including the following:

  • UX Research
    User Observations, Semi-structured Interviews, Card Sortings, Expert Reviews
  • UX Design
    Collaborative Design Workshops, Wireframing, UI-Design, Usability Tests
  • Prototyping
    Paper Prototypes, Wizard of Oz Prototypes, Axure Prototypes, HTML Prototypes
  • Development
    HTML/CSS/JavaScript Development, Sass, Compass, Susy Grid, jQuery, RequireJS

Working with OTTO

At OTTO I've been working in a so called discovery project, namely a pilot project for research and test purposes. Unfortunately, I can't write about further details but the least I can tell is which assignments I've been given:

  • UX Design
    Collaborative Design Workshops, Consulting: Optimizing the UX Design process using new technologies
  • Prototyping
    HTML/CSS/JavaScript Prototypes, Consulting: Facilitate communication and collaboration between UX and Development

Here's what people think

  • Tom's expertise in the field of Responsive Web Design is remarkable. Through his profound skills as a designer and developer, he is able to close the gap between these commonly dissenting disciplines.
    Paul Maria Bartusch
    E-Commerce Product Manager at OTTO
  • We were often facing highly complex requirements limited by very tight deadlines and Tom never ceased to impress with innovative and clever design solutions strongly focused on efficiency and usability.
    Dr. Thomas Piribauer
    CEO at intuio

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