Hello, I'm Tom.

I’m a passionate senior user experience designer with a masters degree in computer science. I cover and drive all stages of user experience design: research, interaction design and visual design.

During my 8 years of UX design practice I've gained experience in many different domains, mastering projects ranging from highly complex enterprise solutions to B2B systems and B2C applications. Web and mobile apps have always been my favourites even though I've designed classic desktop software solutions with enthusiasm as well.

I enjoy research and design and constantly seek to learn new skills and develop myself. Quantitative & qualitative data, creativity and empathy enable me to design valuable, meaningful and compelling products that are highly usable and efficient. It's a passion for me to turn complexity into simplicity and mere functionality into true desirability.

Every morning I get up and strive for excellence because I truly love what I do.

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How I may help you

I help companies large and small. With a lot of experience working as a designer in agile development teams for huge enterprises, I feel comfortable in such a setup and am able to contribute on many levels. I cover research, interaction design, prototyping, visual design and I even support and consult developers when it comes to implementing clean and efficient HTML and CSS.

Small companies benefit from my broad skill set as well since I can wear many different hats and fulfil many roles. I can drive and lead product discovery and facilitate the process of matching business viability and user desirability.

I speak German, Italian, English and Spanish and I'm used to work in very diverse teams with people from all over the world. I enjoy positive, supportive and constructive team spirit and I am praised for my contribution to it. :)

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